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The Friends Of Leiston Airfield Roll of Honour

Leiston Airfield Roll of Honour Nov 1944 - May 1945

"Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy,forget in time that men have died to win them"

Franklin D Roosevelt. President of the United States of America.

March 4th 1933 to April 12th 1945
K = Killed   M = Missing   D = Died as POW       DA = Died on active service.

358th Fighter Group - Republic Aviation P47 Thunderbolt     
Name Rank Squadron State Status Date
Mark A Osborne  Lt  365th  North Carolina  7th Jan 1944 
Donald A Younglas  Maj  367th  Michegan  7th Jan 1944 
Corlys A Bedford  Lt  367th  Ohio  7th Jan 1944 
Lance W Pousette  Lt  367th  North Dakota  7th Jan 1944 
357th Fighter Group - North American Aviation P51 Mustang
Name Rank Squadron State Status Date
Lloyd W Hubbard  Capt  363rd  California  8th Feb 1944 
Darwin J Carrol  Lt  364th  Washington  22nd Feb 1944 
William W Gambill  Lt  363rd  Oregon  8th Mar 1944 
Alvin F Pyeatt  Lt  362nd  California  16th Mar 1944 
Konstantin J Vogel  Lt  362nd  Colorado  18th Mar 1944 
Jack Warren  Capt  364th  California  18th Mar 1944 
James E Strode  Lt  364th  Missouri  27th Mar 1944 
Hubert I Egenes  Lt.Col  Dep.Grp.Cdr  Nebraska  28th Mar 1944 
Santiago R Gutierrez  Lt  363rd  Texas  29th Mar 1944 
William R McGinley  Lt  363rd  California  29th Mar 1944 
Edwin R Sutton  Lt  364th  Ohio  29th Mar 1944 
Davis T Perron  Capt  362nd  California  1st Apr 1944 
Elmer D Rydberg  Lt  362nd  Iowa  1st Apr 1944 
Arthur M Lingo  Capt  362nd  California  11th Apr 1944 
Frank J Connaghan  Lt  362nd  California  24th Apr 1944 
Ellis A Rogers  Capt  363rd  Oregon  8th May 1944 
Donovan D Siverts  Lt  363rd  Minnesota  9th May 1944 
Roger A Hilstad  Lt  362nd  Minnesota  12th May 1944 
Joseph F Pierce  Lt  363rd  Oklahoma  21st May 1944 
William C Reese  Lt  364th  Utah  21st May 1944 
Joseph M Jenkins  Lt  364th  Georgia  24th May 1944 
Dean Post  Lt  364th  Florida  27th May 1944 
Fletcher E Adams  Capt  362nd  Louisiana  30th May 1944 
Leroy Ruder  Lt  364th  Wisconsin  6th Jun 1944 
Irvine A Smith  Lt  363rd  Oregon  6th Jun 1944 
John H Denasha  Lt  364th  New York  7th Jun 1944 
John K Childs  Lt  363rd  Illinois  10th Jun 1944 
James E Colburn  Lt  364th  New York  14th Jun 1944 
George P Barrett  Lt  363rd  Pennsylvania  14th Jun 1944 
Richard C Smith  Capt  364th  Colorado  29th Jun 1944 
Frank Koka  Lt  363rd  Ohio  7th Jul 1944 
Daniel L Finley  Lt  364th  Virginia  30th Jul 1944  
Paul Holmberg  Lt  362nd  Kansas  30th Jul 1944 
Donald J Ferron  Lt  363rd  Ohio  10th Aug 1944 
Charles O Campbell  Lt   363rd  Illinois  17th Aug 1944 
Kirby M Brown  Lt  364th  Louisiana  13th Sep 1944 
Marion E Burnett  Lt  363rd  Louisiana  13th Sep 1944 
James A Valkwitch  Lt  363nd  New York  13th Sep 1944 
Kenneth F Graeff  Lt  363rd  Missouri  15th Sep 1944 
Louis E Nowlin  Lt  363rd  Dist. of Columbia  15th Sep 1944 
Robert J Fandray  Lt  364th  Pennsylvania  18th Sep 1944 
Edwin W Hiro  Maj  363rd  Minnesota  18th Sep 1944 
James L Blanchard  Lt  362nd  New York  19th Sep 1944 
James W Leek  Lt   364th  Idaho  28th Sep 1944 
Edward K Simpson  Lt  363rd  New Jersey  10th Oct 1944 
Horace M Roycroft  Lt  363rd  Kansas  18th Oct 1944 
Lawrence P Giarrizio  Maj  362nd  Massachusets  2nd Nov 1944 
Warren B Corwin  Lt  362nd  New York  8th Nov 1944 
Warren J Doranski  Lt  363rd  Illinois  8th Nov 1944 
Robert Wiser  Lt  364th  Pennsylvania  16th Nov 1944 
Sam C Fuller  Lt  362nd  Texas  18th Nov 1944 
Walter N Perry  Lt  362nd  North Carolina  23rd Dec 1944 
William T Gilbert  Lt  362nd  Connecticut  24th Dec 1944 
Wendell D Helwig  Lt  363rd  Wisconsin  24th Dec 1944 
William H Mooney  Lt  362nd  Georgia  24th Dec 1944 
Harold D Chandler  Lt  362nd  California  30th Dec1944 
Frederick C McCall  Lt  364th  Mississippi  10th Jan 1945 
Richard A Anderson  Lt  362nd  New York  13th Jan 1945 
Robert L Schlieker  Lt  362nd  Ohio  13th Jan 1945 
William B Thompson  Lt  363rd  California  16th Jan 1945 
Maurice E Gallant  Lt  362nd  Connecticut  19th Jan 1945 
Herman H Delarger  Lt  362nd  New Jersey  19th Jan 1945 
Walter E Corby  Lt  363rd  New Jersey  27th Jan 1945 
Melvin Schueneman  S.Sgt  Crew Chief  Michigan  DA  27th Jan 1945 
James W Browning  Capt  363rd  Kansas  9th Feb 1945 
Holsey C Johnson Jnr  Lt  362nd  Montana  10th Feb 1945 
Richard W Taylor  Lt  363rd  New York  23rd Feb 1945 
Ralph E Eisert  Lt  364th  New York  27th Feb 1945 
Robert R Hoffman  Lt  364th  New York  27th Feb 1945 
Mathew Crawford  Lt  363rd  Pennsylvania  2nd Mar 1945 
Patrick J Mallione  Lt  363rd  Connecticut  2nd Mar 1945 
Alva C Murphy  Capt  364th  Tennessee  2nd Mar 1945 
Otto D Jenkins  Lt  362nd  Texas  24th Mar 1945 
Jacob F Giel  Lt  362nd  Illinois  3rd April 1945 
Robert S Fifield  Capt  363rd  Michigan  3rd May 1945 
Alfred W Bierweiller  Lt  362nd  Massachusets  21st May 1945 
Manuel Soo  Lt  364th  California  29th May 1945 
Louis Boudreau  Sgt  Ground crew  Louisiana  DA  Unknown date 

‘They flew towards heaven as eagles’

Of the 82 men listed in our ‘Roll of Honour’

20% have no known graves and are remembered on the‘Walls of Missing’

at American Military Cemeteries in Cambridge, England and across Europe.